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This course is a 3hr intro to spiraling and silk reeling.

Silk reeling  refers to a set of internal movement principles expressed in traditional styles of t’ai chi ch’uan, but especially emphasised by the Chen and Wu styles The name derives from the twisting and spiraling movements of the silkworm larva as it wraps itself in its cocoon, and to the metaphorical principle of “reeling the silk from a silk worm’s cocoon”. In order to draw out the silk successfully the action must be smooth and consistent without jerking or changing direction sharply. Too fast, the silk breaks, too slow, it sticks to itself and becomes tangled. Thus silk reeling movements are continuous, cyclic, spiraling patterns performed at constant speed with the “light touch” of drawing silk.  Pulled from Wikipedia

This is based on the event at Tuckahoe.  For those that missed it, you will have a chance to enjoy it as we did.  For those that can’t get enough, I look forward to having you share what you have been playing with!

This course is run through the Louisa County Parks & Rec(LCPR).

The time is from 1-4pm and the cost is $30.  This is apart of the De-Stress Sunday series.

Here is the link: