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We will be focused on how to teach in this new platform of Zoom, and giving time to practice the Stepwise. This will be for those that have just been certified and are looking for more practiced and for those that have been recerted, but the classes are just now forming again.

Come and gain the confidence.

The Zoom link to join us has a registration attached and will be limited to 6 participants. This will be for 30 min.

Following Practices: First 2 wks in Jan will be free to all. After that, use the pass code given for scholarship pricing. The course is $5 per class after.

Here is a link to take you to all of the studies off of

Courses Coming Up: Recerts/ New Instructors

When dates are Blue – Registration is ready. Click on it and it will take you to register.

Recert Only’s will have registration through Zoom during COVID restrictions.

TCR recerts:

9- 1:30 ET – Mar 26(Fri), Ap 10 (Sat), May 1 (Sat)

TCA/FP recerts:

9-1:30 ET- Mar 27 (Sat), Ap 20 (Tues), May 8 (Sat)

TCA 2 recerts:

As an add on – May 8 (Sat 2-4:30)

Seated TCA recerts:

TCB recerts:

10am – 2:30 pm ET –May 7, 2021

TCD recerts:

New Instructor Training


Mar 11, 12 & 18, 2021 (half days)- Closed/Full- TCHI registration

April 8, 9 & 15, 2021 (half days) – Gerofit – private

May 13, 14 & 20, 2021 (half days) – TCHI registration soon


April 22, 23 & 29, 2021 (half days)- TCHI registration soon


June 26 & 27 (full days) – TCHI registration soon