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Best times are with Stage 2.

If you have not taught in the past 2 yrs, you need to go through Stage 1.

If you recert virtually with Meghan in the past 2 yrs, email Meghan about other options.



April 7, 8 & 14 (3 additional 1hr sessions to the Thurs , Fri, Thurs) 12pm – 5pm

July 18, 19 & 21 (3 additional 1hr sessions to the Mon , Tues, Thurs) 12pm – 5pm

Self Pace- Stage 2

May 12/13 (Thurs /Fri) 12pm – 5pm

July 16/17 (Sat/Sun) 12pm – 5pm


April 22 & 29 (Fri’s) – Waynesboro, VA (locals to VA) 9am – 5pm

June 16 & 17 (Thurs/Fri) – Fayetteville, NC 9am – 5pm



June 18 (Sat) – Fayetteville, NC



May 14/15 (Sat/Sun) (2 additional 1 hr sessions)



May 18, 19 & 20 12-5 (2 additional 1 hr sessions)



June 29, 30 July 1(Wed, Thurs, Fri) (2 additional 1 hr sessions)

Self Pace- Stage 2

July 7&8 (Thurs & Fri) 10am -3pm (2 additional 1 hr sessions)



June 25-26(Sat/Sun) 9:30am – 5pm (2 additional 1 hr sessions)



Aug 11, 12, 15, 16 (Thurs, Fri, Mon 12-5pm Tues 12-3pm) (2 additional 1 hr sessions)

Self Pace- Stage 2

Sept 8/9 (Thurs/Fri) 12-5pm

So I was looking around and noticing how many unfinished projects I have…

Why can’t I seem to complete them

What is going on

What in my life is different

I use to be able to finish and have pride in sharing what I did…

The Ah’ha: I realized that many things were connected to others…

So really quickly: I have worked at a CCRC (a Retirement Community) for 20yrs and I saw how things I did were connected to them and other phases of my life and they were strands of staying connected with all of these friends that have died in those 20yrs… These were my way of holding on to them-

My influencers…

My connection to them

One of the projects I had been working on that wasn’t hanging out for all to see but showing up in my work life was in my recent attempts to give directions prior to workshops. 

People did not have enough attention to read anything and they were asking questions of things that were covered… In fact, I found I was doing it to others as well, so I knew there needed to be a better way but what…  

I was running so hard, I wasn’t taking the time to sit down and actually noodle on it but more important… DO IT!

Covid hit and there it was… the time and NEED!  I couldn’t break this communciation… It was the people I have NOW they are still alive and with me NOW!  I can’t loose them- How Do I Stay Connected?

That is when the time and drive was there to Get It DONE

I scheduled time to research, implement, and learn as we went along… I did Not need to be perfect- I needed to Connect and survive

So, I took Zoom on and have been reaching more people than I would have before and more importantly opening doors for others to connect with others…

When can we make time for You to start that connection?  Who needs you?

When that time becomes ~NOW~ email me so we can find out the best way for us to connect!

We will be focused on how to teach in this new platform of Zoom, and giving time to practice the Stepwise. This will be for those that have just been certified and are looking for more practiced and for those that have been recerted, but the classes are just now forming again.

Come and gain the confidence.

The Zoom link to join us has a registration attached and will be limited to 6 participants. This will be for 30 min.

Following Practices: First 2 wks in Jan will be free to all. After that, use the pass code given for scholarship pricing. The course is $5 per class after.

Here is a link to take you to all of the studies off of

Courses Coming Up: Recerts/ New Instructors

When dates are Blue – Registration is ready. Click on it and it will take you to register.

Otherwise email me to send the link.

Recert Only’s will have registration through Zoom during COVID restrictions.

TCR recerts:

Nov 19

TCA/FP recerts:

Dec 10

TCA 2 recerts:

Seated TCA recerts:

TCB recerts:


TCD recerts:

TCE recerts:

Nov 18 – onsite in Roanoke Rapids, NC

New Instructor Training

There are 2 additional required 1 hr sessions

And for best results if more than 2 days a third to give the 1:1 extra care has given best results


Virtual workshops feedback given says 3 half days was the best to feeling successful, so up coming opportunities:


Virtual workshop will be done in 3 half days


Virtual workshop feed back that 2 full days was still successful feeling


Virtual Workshop feedback is best in 4 half days